About this website


Welcome to Hedgehog Owners USA! We are so happy you've stopped by to check out our website!

  Hedgehog Owners USA is based on a social media group by the same name. The group became so active that it's founders decided a website accessible to all owners, not just those on social media, was a great idea!

The purpose of this website is to provide practical care information for the African Pygmy Hedgehogs we keep as pets.

The information you'll find here will be a little (or a lot) different from other websites you've seen.

We are a biology based care group. 

The term Biology based care may sound a little intimidating, however it's a super easy concept! 

Biology based care= We take care of our hedgehogs based on their natural and behavioral needs! 

Sadly, a whole lot of the methods we use to care for our hedgehogs were developed and  for our convenience, not for the benefit of the animal.

We love exploring and posting info about care methods that are more natural for hedgehogs!

  We hope to continue building this web site and offer progressive ways that we can care for the hedgehogs that we love so much!

 We believe hedgehog care information should be free to all owners. Bettering the lives of hedgehogs includes providing easily accessible information regarding their care at no cost.


 Do you own a hedgehog? Do you want to provide your hedgehog with an alternative method of care that's more natural and complete? 

 If so, you're a Hogparent already!

Even if you do not own a hedgehog yet, you're still welcome to learn and share your experiences with us!

Hogparent = Someone who owns a hedgehog or wants to own a hedgehog. 


HogFamily= Referring to All hedgehog owners and hedgehog fans.

Hogparent Movement= The natural and progressive care hedgehog owners are providing for their animals is collectively called the HogParent movement. It's a fun little term we like to toss around when we talk about the wonderful change each and every Hogparent is making to benefit the lives of their pets!

If you are using the care information on this website, then you are a part of the 

Hogparent Movement. 


Some of the Topics of discussion include;

Natural Feeding methods

Different ways to set up a hedgehog cage

Hedgehog illnesses and disease

 Other topics of interest.


Here's some fun legal stuff.

This website if for entertainment purposes only and is not an entity. 

This website exercises freedom of speech when discussing care topics. 

This website, it's owners and contributors are not responsible for how the content here is interpreted or utilized.  This information is only for individuals aged 18 years or older. We hold no liability over any viewer or user. By continuing on this website, you agree to the listed terms.

In other words- you're an adult. You're the only one responsible for your pet's health and care. We're not responsible for any actions you take or the results of those actions. 

This site is NOT a substitute for veterinary care. Nothing listed on this site site should be considered medical advice or treatment.

* Always use safe food handling , preparation, and storage techniques. Always use universal precautions when handling any animals or their belongings.*