Animal Extremism Hurts Animals

 Animal Extremism is the over advocacy for animal rights. Animal Rights have the ultimate goal of no pets allowed anywhere. 

Animal Extremism is the practice of advocating rights to ultimately bring forth animal extremism is animal liberation within a society. 

  Groups such as PETA and HSUS

 ( Humane Society of the United States) are animal Rights/liberation groups.

  PETA is pretty straight forward with their mission of complete animal liberation. They are very vocal in announcing they believe no animals should be in captivity at all, for any reason. They are against zoos, breeding, pet ownership and even service animals. 

   PETA has committed many acts of terrorism including burning buildings that house animals and poisoning animals as a form of protest.

  They do own and manage an animal shelter in which over 80% of animals brought there are killed.

    PETA has purchased enough Facebook shares to buy a seat on the board. PETA is working with Facebook to ban all animal sales and adoptions. In a world where social media is widely used, it is important to know where companies stand when it comes to animals.  Facebook is becoming increasingly hostile towards animal breeders and groups, many have been deleted by the company since June 2019. Many animal groups are moving to MEWE.COM, a new free social media platform with out the strict censorship of Facebook. 

  The group has openly declared that a dead animal is better than an animal in captivity. 

  HSUS is a little more sly in their animal liberation approach. They pose as an organization that preaches the better treatment of animals. They even claim to rescue animals. However, very little of their donations ever go to helping animals. Instead their CEO and other employees get paid hefty salaries and they pay out much money to lobby in favor of animal laws. 

   They push for animal rights from a legal animal. Their lobbyists propose laws that build up to eventually abolishing pet ownership. 

Animals do not need rights. Animals cannot understand nor exercise rights.

 What animals need is humane treatment. Humane laws help animals. Such laws include providing necessary nutrition, housing, and medical care for animals. 

   Humane laws are more rational, practical and less extreme than animal rights. 

  When you donate to PETA Or HSUS you are funding the movement to have your animals taken away from you. 

   Donating to local animal shelters will help animals far more than donating to an animal liberation movement organisation. 

A word about zoos and animal shows

  Zoos and animal shows are important in the preservation of many species. Zoos participate in captive breeding programs regarding endangered species and in mos cases are the only chance these animals have at survival. Zoos also undergo inspections to ensure their animals are maintained in a humane manner. Zoos help educate the public on the importance of species and land conservation. Many zoos participate in wild animal rescue.

  Animal exhibitors or shows are vital in reaching the public, especially it's  youth, and teaching them about animal care and conservation. Some of the most brilliant and dedicated conservationists began their journey after witnessing an animal show. To abolish animal shows or zoos would be abolishing the life line many animals need to survive as the human species demolishes and takes over their habitats. 

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