This website was created by a few progressive hedgehog breeders.  These breeders met online in a group forum. Over time something clicked and a close working relationship was formed. The creators have very similar breeding and care methods that aren't common within the general hedgehog breeding community. They wanted to share these new methods with the general public, Hedgehog Owners USA was born. 


The Alternative Hedgehog

Crystal is the breeder in charge at The Alternative Hedgehog. She maintains a relatively small herd consisting of under 40 animals. 

At the Alternative Hedgehog genetics are a hot subject. Crystal believes that understanding hedgehog genetics can benefit the species in a multitude of ways; better care, preventative method, and better disease diagnosis and treatment. 

Ethics are also a major part of her breeding program. Every animal within Crystal's care is viewed as a unique individual deserving of love and attention. 

Crystal has a team of involved veterinarians who have backgrounds in various specialties. Working closely with her vet team, a program of veterinary care was developed  for her animals that is cutting edge in that it incorporates care methods not common among breeders. Hedgehog biology is at the front line of care at The Alternative Hedgehog.  

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  • USDA Licensed
  • 8 years hedgehog experience
  • Genetic observance conducted 
  • No inbreeding practiced
  • Veterinary care is heavily utilized to ensure all animals are happy and healthy.
  • Varied natural diets offered to all animals within program.


Phone: 401-442-3827

Located in Rhode Island USA


Morning Star Hedgehogs

The Hedgehog enthusiast at Morning Star Hedgehogs is Jonell. Jonell has been working with hedgehogs for over 8 years and has a deep rooted passion for the species. She maintains a herd of 70+ hedgehogs and loves each one as mother loves their child. Her breeding mission is to provide happy and healthy hedgehogs to the pet community. Her care incorporates natural biology based nutrition and an understanding of a hedgehog's natural needs. 

Jonell offers hedgehog 101 sessions and finds great joy in sharing her knowledge with prosepective owners. Jonell also keeps in close contract with all adopters " A Morning Star Hedgehog is a Morning Star Hedgehog for life".

 Heavy Veterinary involvement to ensure a high quality of life is provided to all animals within her care. Her vet care team includes three practices to ensure multiple view points are brought into care methods.

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  • USDA Licensed since 2012
  • Oldest elderhog still residing in a home is 8.5 years old.
  • A pioneer of natural nutrition for hedgehogs. 
  • Heavy Veterinary involvement.
  • Does not practice inbreeding.


Phone: 630-346-5122


Hedgie Hollow Of Alaska

Renee is the Progressive breeder at Hedgie Hollow Alaska. She provides her animals with above adequate care. She is big on environmental enrichment and offers her animals activities such as large natural dig boxes and areas to hunt live insects. 

Renee is very involved in the hedgehog community and takes great care and pride in offering solid proven care method advice.

She fosters natural instincts above synthetic methods. Renee works closely with other breeders in Alaska to help them develop solid ethical breeding programs.

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  • Ethical Hobby Breeder
  • Utilizes cutting edge natural nutrition.
  • Offers progressive enrichment methods to ensure social development of young born within her care.

Located in Alaska